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The Social Benefits of Joining a Choir

By 19th May 2023No Comments

Much has been written about the physical and mental wellbeing that singing gives us, but there are also great social benefits that joining a choir can bring. Of course, over the years, many wonderful friendships form within a choir and many friends and family members come along together.

At MusicSmart, your first free taster practice can be a great social icebreaker, as you sing a fabulous tune together or work together on a new song. Some of our choirs have a tea/chat break or we head off afterwards for the nearest coffee shop or pub.

At the moment, most of our choirs are working towards their Summer Performances, where we share our love of music with family and friends.  As we work together, a special group excitement creates a buzz like no other, and we always have a social drink and get together after the performance to celebrate our successes or recover!